How to Uncurl your Curled Cups

Does anyone else notice their Cleo Neve bra’s cup curling out of control? Especially on one side? I hate how mine curls a lot, especially on my smaller boob, causing a little gaping when I move.

I have a simple  solution for this type of cup curling! This can be used on other cups as well that curl outwards.

First, insert a needle from below the edge of the cup, and poke it through the moulding.  Then it will come up at the top.  Pull it taut as you repeat this process. Essentially, you are pulling the top edge of the cup back in line with the rest of the cup.  (If you put it only through the moulding, you will not see the threads on the front of the bra). Do this until you are satisfied with the repair 🙂 Below I have a small section done, this part is not as curled out as the section I have not repaired.



Taadaa! I will try to do the inner edge soon, but will leave the outer edge of the cup near the straps alone since it’s not too flared.



If you click on this image you can see the technique I used if my explanation wasn’t clear.

Parfait by Affinitas Camilla Contour Bra Review

Hello there! Sorry for the very, very long absence, but school has taken its toll and I finally had a small break to write this.  Today I am reviewing the Parfait by Affinitas Camilla bra set, a prize I won from the wonderful Scarlett Letter’s blog.  Thank you so much Amber! It’s absolutely lovely!


First of all, I would like to comment on how beautiful the bra is with the overlaying lace that has sort of a floral design to it.  The cups are molded for the seamless look and are very smooth on the inside. I really like how they incorporated this design in with a bra like this because it is both beautiful yet versatile.  The gore is decorated with some ribbon, but it strays away from the traditional bow with its unique design.


I received this in a 30E, but there are some sizing inconsistencies I believe. Parfait by Affinitas is known for running tight in the band, and this is true for this bra.  The band is very firm and thick; I would say it would work well for someone who needs a 28 band.  There is a full underband and the side panels have boning on them.  Even though it is quite large for me, I still find it supportive and flattering.


However, I think the cups run a half a cup to a full cup large because I tend to be fine wearing bras with 28F/30E etc… volume right now.  The cup depth measurement also indicates that it runs a bit larger than most 30E cups.  They seem quite empty especially in the nipple area and they cover a lot of my chest.  This is fine as I think it is a full coverage bra, but I would have preferred this in a cup size smaller because of this space.  I also think this isn’t the best bra for petite figures because it does cover so much.  (It looks fabulous on the model though!) You can see that the center portion of the cup comes out at the side view, which is where it is slightly hollow.  Fortunately, I have pads that I can stick in here to make it fit better.


The wires are of medium width, which does not pose a problem for me.  They are very stiff though, and therefore very supportive.  Parfait does an excellent job in their consideration for support for bustier gals. (Not that I’m super busty or anything but I’m sure it will work great for those who need larger cups 😉 )


I would also like to comment on the gore on this bra.  While this is not a terribly tall gore, it is about medium in width, which makes it too wide for my breasts.  The wires dig yes dig… not just sit on my boobs in the center, causing terrible pain.  I will probably bend the wires outwards here, and move them closer together.  Stay tuned! I have a tutorial for overlapping underwires soon!


And lastly, I would like to review the underwear that I received in this set.  They only carry S-XL I believe in underwear, so I went ahead and chose size Small.  I would have preferred this in an XS if they carried it, but this size works ok for me.  Just slightly on the larger side, especially on the back.

Overall, I am very grateful to have won this bra set.  It is really pretty and still wearable for everyday.

Masquerade Rhea Review


The bra I am reviewing today is the Masquerade Rhea in Antique Ice, which I believe is a Bravissimo exclusive.  This bra is utterly gorgeous, with careful detailing that makes it truly fit to be named after a Roman Goddess.  I love the detailing in the lace, as well as the rhinestone charm located in the center.



The fabric has a satin feel on the outside, and the cups seem to be lined with cotton.  The band consists of two layers, which adds durability and strength, as well as support.  The band also runs quite snug.  A 28 band should fit a “true” 26 just fine; however…it is riding up on me a bit on the tightest hook as a 24.


The vertical seams on this bra lift the breasts upwards, for the cakes on a plate cleavage.  They have a themed zigzag stitch along them to keep them flat from the front.  The zigzag stitch is repeated on the band and on the straps, which ties it all together quite well.

The cups work excellent for full on top shapes, as they are very open without constricting elastic at the top.  I have this bra in a 28F, which fits my larger breast perfectly, but there is gaping with right breast at the top.   Some people have said that this bra is generous in the cups, and I definitely recommend sizing down if you lack upper fullness.  In this size, the wires used are of medium width and they are perfect for me.


My main issues with the fit of this bra are that the straps are placed too far apart, and that the gore is very high.  The straps are in my armpits, which causes discomfort.  They will have to be altered for smaller frames, but may be an issue for someone who isn’t petite as well.  The gore, while very tall – ridiculously tall for this size- have wires that are placed pretty close together.  It seems to sit on a thin layer of my breast tissue.  However, there is no reason for the gore on a 28F to ever be 3 inches tall!!! 2½ is a good height for a “tall” gore… yes?


Prejudices aside, I do really like this bra and it is a great option for people who need a 26 band.

You can read more reviews of this bra here:

Dracula Clothing/Corsets Review: Steampunk Tesla

I have been a corset lover ever since I was twelve years old.  I wanted to have a teeny tiny wasp waist, but alas corsets were too expensive for a twelve year old- not to mention I had no power then to buy one.  So I tried making some, but alas they all epically failed, and I had a straight body still! Sigh, so sad growing up.  Anyways, when I was 15 years old, I purchased my very first “real” corset from Dracula Clothing.  I had several cheap, not-so-real corsets from eBay, but I really needed smaller than size a Small corset (which only closes to 24 inches by the way).  I plan to write a review for the other Dracula corsets eventually as they still carry those particular styles, but for now I would like to review my most recent purchase from them.
I bought the Steampunk Tesla Underbust Corset here: , which was a very affordable price for a corset with steel boning.

As sort of a petite person, (I stand 5’3½) buying premade corsets can be a hit or miss, as they can be cut too long for the body.  Ok…not to mention this one has the shoulder sling things… which are like an epic no no for short gals.  The Tesla corset worked out well for me.  The shoulders have 3 settings, so you can adjust it to the comfort and length you need.  Unfortunately, I had to put it on the shortest setting, so I don’t think it will work for anyone shorter than 5’2 unless they have a longer torso.  I found the length very comfortable; it did not feel like it was a near overbust for me.



The spiral steel boning gives great shape and support, and there are 12 of those in this corset (if I can count 😉 ).  However, the busk on this corset isn’t the most rigid, which means you can move around a little bit better.  The fabric is lovely on the outside.  It is brown and black vertical stripes with the cutest faux leather pocket!  However, the inside of this corset is not lined with their usual cotton, so I do not recommend wearing this without a shirt underneath.


While I don’t get any poking or pinching in this, I do not recommend wearing it in very warm weather, as it can get quite hot.  This corset is also not for epic tight lacing, I can’t close it even though it’s a size 20 (which I normally CAN close).

Overall, I love this corset.  It really captures the steampunkesq while still being fashionable in modern day.  It is affordable, comfortable and will work for the upper end of petite figures.

My Ewa Michalak Experience

Those of you who follow Ewa Michalak on Facebook know of the infamous “Strapgate” issue that is at hand. This eventually heightened into a whole issue regarding sizing and how everyone is wearing cups too big and bands too small.  Many companies have ill fitting techniques, so I’m not surprised that people would disagree with their fitting advice.
However, I am disappointed that they had the audacity to disrespect customers and discontinue sub 30 bands without any warning.  28 and under was already not returnable, so why couldn’t they just be happy with profit? Ewa Michalak was where girls who had no other options would buy their bras- and who could deny how spectacular their size range was?

They are saying that essentially no one can be sub 28, so I would like to disprove that. Also, I would like to apologize in advance for how my skin looks.  It hyper pigments easily due to sensitivity, and I just grow acne there for some strange reason. I also never noticed how asymmetrical my back was until I took these photos.

30 band: Here you can see the band riding up, and that the straps are only partially adjustable.  If I could adjust them more, you would be able to see how much worse the band would ride up.

IMG_1073 IMG_1074

Very tight 30 band (28 by stretch): The band is still riding up on this bra and the straps are digging in even though they are not adjusted completely.  I could fit another hand here if I wanted to.

26 band: This bra feels comfortable in the band.  It is still a bit stretchy on my back, but a lot of strap tension is eliminated by a properly supported band.


24 band: This bra stretches the least, however the thin straps are digging in my shoulders a bit.  I prefer to wear this bra with 1 extra set of hooks (+0.5 inch).


I do really love these bras, proper fit or not for their quality and that they are made in Poland.  However, Ewa Michalak is no longer an affordable option for me-and it is not worth paying $70 for a bra, only to have it altered in the end.